Green Gain Consultants Limited has been prequalified to offer valuation services to the following firms/organizations:

1.                  Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited.

2.                  Family Bank Limited.

3.                  Kenya Commercial Bank Limited/ S & L Mortgages

4.                  Equity Bank Limited

5.                  Local Authorities Provident Fund (LAPFUND)

6.                  National Housing Corporation (NHC)

7.                  Ndetika Rural Sacco Limited

8.                  Agricultural Finance Corporation (A.F.C)

9.                  KETRACO

10.              Muramati Sacco Society Limited

11.              Nairobi Aviation College

12.              Anti-Counterfeit Agency

13.              Kirinyaga sugar daddy definition University

14.              SISDO

15.              Kenya Industrial Property Institute (k.I.P.I)

16.              East African Portland Cement Company Limited (EAPCC)

17.              Kenya Film Classification Board

18.              United Nations Sacco Society Limited

19.              Laikipia University

20.              National Oil Corporation of Kenya

21.              Masaai Mara University

22.              Winas Sacco Limited

23.              Mhasibu Sacco Society Limited

24.              Rafiki Deposit  Taking Microfinance

25.              National Cohesion and Integration Commission

26.              National Housing Corporation

27.              Parliamentary Service Commission


We also serve many other “walk-in” clients almost on a daily basis.


The following are major clients that have been served by the Director and other key staff in the past before incorporation of Green Gain Consultants Limited.

1.          African Banking Corporation Ltd.

2.         Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd

3.         Deposit Protection Fund Board- Central Bank of Kenya

4.         East Africa Development Bank Ltd

5.         Equity Bank Ltd

6.         Family Bank Ltd

7.         Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd

8.         K-Rep Bank Ltd

9.         National Bank of Kenya Ltd

10.       Oriental Commercial Bank Ltd

11        Prudential Building Society (in Liquidation)

12.       Standard Chartered Bank of Kenya

13.       Safaricom Ltd

14.       Savings & Loan Kenya Ltd

15.       Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd

16.       National Social Security Fund

17.       Kenya Power and Lighting Company Ltd

18.       I & M Bank Ltd

19.       Sunny Processors Ltd

20.       Branan Flowers Ltd

21.       Centre for African Family Studies

22.       Delight Management Company Ltd

23.       Kitui Municipal Council (Valuation Roll)

25.       Nakuru Municipal Council (Land, Buildings and Movable assets for book keeping purposes.

26.       National Council of Churches of Kenya


Our Esteemed Clients


University of Nairobi