Green Gain offers all kinds of real estate and assets valuations for various purposes including but not limited to:

-       Sales/purchase

-       Secured lending

-       Compensation

-       Insurance

-       Book Keeping/Financial Reporting

-       Court bonds

-       Rating (local authorities)

-       Debenture

-       Receivership among others

We also have expertise in valuation of specialized properties including:

-       Guest Houses

-       Colleges/institutions

-       Service/petrol stations

-       Airports

-       Hospitals

-       Fractionised properties

-       Minerals etc

We also have the benefit of being familiar with the assets of most institutions both public and private in the country having had the opportunity of valuing them in the past either in our own right or through our directors.

It is on the basis of the experience gathered, competency of our key staff, firm’s human resources, exposure in the country and our capability of assembling a consortium of specialists that we could offer to provide valuation consultancy services for any assignment within a short notice for any undertaking anywhere in the region.

Our valuations are carried out in accordance with the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya Handbook and International Valuation Standards issued by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (R.I.C.S), ‘The Red Book’.


 The paramount objective of every investor in real estate is to realize maximum returns to their investment.

Rent collection and maintenance of a property can be a tedious task when left to an individual owner. At Green Gain, we offer diligent property management services which involve:
•    Prompt rent collection
•    Presentation of periodic financial reports detailing all matters pertaining to the property
•    Undertaking regular and thorough inspections of the premises and providing recommendations on maintenance or improvement programs
•    Negotiating and administering maintenance and service contracts based on competitive tendering
•    Ascertaining that necessary repairs are carried out quickly with the clients approval under strict supervision
•    Reviewing and renewing rents and tenancy conditions periodically
•    Advising clients on prevailing market conditions
•    Compiling reports covering all tenancy and legal matters, rent status, and arrears if any, and contract issues.

Green Gain has put in place a strong, experienced and diligent property management team fully equipped with systems that embrace state-of-the-art-management softwares that enhance efficiency, accuracy and security of property management information. 

Rental Reveiws and expiries are automatically effected thus greatly enhancing optimal rental values of the property portfolio under our care.


This is the letting and sale of different types of property mainly commercial, industrial and residential.  Our services in this area include:

  1. Advising clients on rental sale values
  2. Advising clients on and handling all the marketing aspects in the most effective and cost efficient ways, including advertising and the development and production of the necessary materials such as brochures, property profiles and sales particulars.
  3. Handling and completion of all letting and sale documentation including signing off on letters of offer and ensuring the completion of the required and proper documentation such as tenancy agreements and leases in the cases of commercial premises, in liaison with advocates where applicable.

 4.      Technical, procedural and operational aspects of letting and proper handing over of premises.

We have vast experience in the agency of different types of properties, and in particular the complex area of leasing of commercial space.

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