Green Gain offers all kinds of real estate and assets valuations for various purposes including but not limited to:

-       Sales/purchase

-       Secured lending

-       Compensation

-       Insurance

-       Book Keeping/Financial Reporting

-       Court bonds

-       Rating (local authorities)

-       Debenture

-       Receivership among others

We also have expertise in valuation of specialized properties including:

-       Guest Houses

-       Colleges/institutions

-       Service/petrol stations

-       Airports

-       Hospitals

-       Fractionised properties

-       Minerals etc

We also have the benefit of being familiar with the assets of most institutions both public and private in the country having had the opportunity of valuing them in the past either in our own right or through our directors.

It is on the basis of the experience gathered, competency of our key staff, firm’s human resources, exposure in the country and our capability of assembling a consortium of specialists that we could offer to provide valuation consultancy services for any assignment within a short notice for any undertaking anywhere in the region.

Our valuations are carried out in accordance with the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya Handbook and International Valuation Standards issued by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (R.I.C.S), ‘The Red Book’.


Our Esteemed Clients


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